Knee Arthrometer

Measures Anterior-Posterior Laxity Of The Knee.

Knee Arthrometer

Ankle Arthometer

Measure of the Anterior-Posterior Laxity and Inversion Laxity of the Ankle-Subtalar Joint Complex with ease.

Kinect® BodyTracker™

Capture of joint position and angle data for analysis and plotting in real time using Kinect for windows and Kinect Body Tracker software.

Injury Caustion Analysis

We investigate musculoskeletal injuries including but not limited to the knee, hip, shoulder, spine, foot, ankle, head, and neck to determine whether an injury has actually occurred and, if so, what the causes were.

Test Protocol Development

We have years of experience in test protocol and framework design for various types of bio-mechanics test projects. Partner with us in developing a solid test protocol so that as a researcher you can focus on actual experiment itself.

510(K) Submission

Do you have a new medical device? Save time and money with out 510(K) submission service. Let us help you in evaluating device to comply with device-specific standards, prepare gap analysis, prepare 510(K) application, submission, answering follow-up questions from FDA.

Device Failure Analysis

We can examine the failure of a medical device to determine the causes, whether they are due to defective design/manufacture, a surgical mistake, patient misuse, or failure to warn the user of known hazards.

Welcome to bluebay research Inc

We at Blue Bay Research Inc specialize in musculoskeletal biomechanics. Having been in orthopedic and musculoskeletal research for the past 30 years, we offer reliable niche services and products. We have conducted research with projects such as test protocols and designing and building testing machines, as well as devices for knee mechanics tests including ACL and meniscus strength/strain measurements. Other tests have included:

  • Spine soft tissue and its contribution to spine stability
  • Spine mechanics
  • Implant characterization
  • Shoulder rotator cuff repair
  • Elbow ligament repair and stability
  • Ankle and foot surgery/repair/injury/laxity
  • Tibia, femur, and hip fracture fixation methodology and implants
  • Hip implant stability
  • Bone implant osteointegration and stability
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